Four ‘successful’ ways to deter cats and foxes in gardens – ‘keeps them from coming back!’

Sally Bannister replied: “Thats actually a true fact…foxes wont come into your garden if they smell urine from a male person, so spread urine around your garden to successfully get rid of them, but has to be done again after it rains.”

Grace Shaw commented: “If you have a male in the house, get them to pee in a bottle first thing in the morning and use that around your garden as a deterrent – pest control guy told me this and I can confirm it is effective!”

3. Tea bags

Cats and foxes have sharp senses, including a strong sense of smell that is sensitive to intense scents. Tea bags have a strong smell that most cats and foxes dislike, making them an effective deterrent. Anna Hall suggested: “Scatter a few tea bags around your garden. The strong scent will keep them from coming back.”

Sharon Pattinson said: “Select an area where you don’t want any cats or foxes and dig a small hole. Place the tea bags or tea leaves in the hole and only cover it with some leaves and twigs nearby.

“Burying tea bags in the soil will require a trowel and some discarded tea bags. Avoid covering the whole hole with soil and only cover it partially so the smell can get out.”

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