Frankie Boyle makes jibe 'about raping and f*****g Holly Willoughby' and other TV stars

Frankie Boyle, 49, is known for his very inappropriate sense of humour and this was shown during his performance at Latitude Festival last weekend. The comedian has come under heavy scrutiny after it has been claimed he made jibes about “raping and f*****g” Holly Willoughby along with other TV stars.

Frankie reportedly quipped during his performance directed at the This Morning presenter: “I’d obviously kill her and rape her afterwards. I’m joking, I’d rape her first.”

Since, it has been claimed he still supports the offensive joke after he was questioned about it at a Waterstones launch event for his latest book.

He said: “Can I just say, my routine about raping and f*****g Holly Willoughby was part of a very long routine about whether or not it’s okay to do a joke about that, and I look at it from both sides, there are pluses and minuses.”

He also made sure to add that the power of comedy is in the fact that it is in the “eye of the beholder”.

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“Sean Connery died and it was quite early in the morning when the news came in so I was one of the first people to see the news.

“I thought of tweeting, ‘They’ve shaken him and he’s not stirred’. Then I just thought ‘No, I cannot’.”

Frankie made a name for himself in 2005 on BBC’s Mock of the Week.

The Glaswegian would be a regular on the panel show until 2009 when he left to work on other projects.

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