'Fresh for weeks': How to keep carrots crunchy, berries mould-free and greens crispy

The mum-of-two is a list-lover and enjoys nothing more than keeping organised and making her home beautiful. She shares hacks on her TikTok, Instagram and YouTube accounts. One TikTok video detailed a way to keep carrots, celery, berries, and greens fresh.

The video, shared by the cleaning and DIY hacks influencer, featured a number of tips for fans who are struggling to keep produce fresh.

How to keep fruit and vegetables fresh

Keep berries mould-free

To keep barries fresh Chantel Mila recommended soaking them in water and vinegar before stories.

Soak your berries one quarter cup of vinegar and three quarter cups of water for 10 minutes.

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Then strain them and let them dry on a clean tea towel before transferring them to an air-tight container lined with kitchen paper.

One follower, Mareike Claß, asked Mila, “and my food doesn’t taste like vinegar?”

The content creator explained: “No it’s rinsed off.”

The vinegar in this hack is naturally anti-bacterial. This prevents mould from forming in the first place.

Keep greens fresh

To keep greens fresh, put them in an air-tight container with a damp paper towel on top.

Why does this work? Apparently, the paper towels absorb moisture from the greens.

This stops them from wilting and getting slimy. Genius!

Another storage hack thrilling social media uses is a tip to keep you ontop of your produce, so less goes off and less of your money is wasted.

The Eat Me First Box seems to have been adopted by a number of homeowners looking to keep on top of their fruit and veg.

TikTok user, Esta Fiesta, wrote: “I have an ‘eat me first box’. Smartest decision I’ve ever made!”

“An eat me first box is a godsend to my fridge and my budget,” another, Cass Benellie agreed.

Another wrote: “I love my ‘eat me first’ box, barely anything goes to waste anymore using the method!”

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