Furious Tory aide told Boris' chief of staff: 'I wouldn't p*** on you if you were on fire'

The revolt against the Prime Minister now appears to have spread to his junior ministers. Now the lowest rung on the ministerial ladder, the political private secretaries, are rounding on Boris Johnson’s No10 team. Tory MP Paul Holmes is said to have told Dan Rosenfield, the PM’s chief of staff, that “heads must roll” amid the fallout from the Partygate scandal.

The Sunday Times reported that an aide to Cabinet Office Minister Steve Barclay, replied to him and said: “I wouldn’t p*** on you if you were on fire.”

The comments suggested Mr Johnson is unable to rely on junior ministers on the Government’s payroll to support him if backbenchers trigger a confidence vote.

Now former Prime Minister Gordon Brown has warned that Mr Johnson’s Government will likely end in scandal.

Speaking to Sky New’s Trevor Phillips On Sunday, Mr Brown said: ‘We don’t just have the scandal, and all the details will probably come out later this week about partying.

“We have the conflicts of interest.

“We have the dubious appointments.

“We have foreign money and question marks over that, who is paying the bills for what?

“And I don’t think we are going to see this administration end in anything other than scandal.”

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“These are all because of the calls the Prime Minister has made.”

Mr Raab refused to be drawn of whether the findings of Sue Gray is set to publish her report on the lockdown breaches in Whitehall.

She insisted there would be “full transparency” in the report.

Speaking about how the Government will react to the report Mr Raab said: “The process for it will be for the Prime Minister to decide.”

However, he added: “The code of conduct for ministers is very clear that if you mislead Parliament it is a resigning matter.”

Mr Raab then suggested publication of the Gray report could take slightly longer than expected.

He said: “If it takes a day or too longer, absolutely right. Sue Gray should determine that.”

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