Gardeners’ World shares ‘easy’ method to stop slugs eating your container plants

Every gardener will run into the most common garden pest at some point – the slug. Slugs tend to target plants that are lush and foliage-rich, and vegetables. Some of the plants that are most commonly eaten by slugs are hostas, dahlias and peas.

Overtime, the copper tape will turn green, giving it a more attractive appearance.

To apply the copper tape, you will just need some pinking shears or normal scissors and the tape itself.

The first thing you need to do is cut a piece of tape to the size of your pot or container.

If you use pinking shears, they will leave a zig-zag design on the top of your pot.

Slugs don’t like to touch copper due to a chemical reaction that happens on their skin.

When they touch copper, it feels uncomfortable for them.

They will therefore avoid moving over it.

Another physical barrier you can try in your pots is using eggshells.

Putting them on the soil around your plants will hopefully deter them from moving towards your plant.

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