Gary Lineker's son had 20 per cent chance of survival after leukemia diagnosis

Lineker was at Tottenham when George received his diagnosis, and manager Terry Venables was happy to give the England international time on the sidelines so that he could prioritise his family. The former Barcelona striker would have nightmares about his son passing away due to leukemia .

“I wanted it to me that had it,” he said. “I didn’t want it to be my little kid. But whilst there was hope that he’d get better, I was alright. I used to have this recurring dream, and I’d had it for quite some time even after he finished treatment, of carrying a tiny little white coffin. It’s horrible. It woke me up so many times but actually living through it, even when you’re in the hospital, there were good moments as well and bad moments. There were ups and downs.” George is now 30 years old and has his own small business.

Gary Lineker was speaking exclusively to The Athletic’s ‘The Moment’ podcast.

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