GB News: ‘Big game of chess!’ Nigel Farage lauds Putin’s strategy of dividing West

Mr Johnson joined Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskiy in Kiev to spell out the consequences of Russian aggression and declare the UK will be judged by the level of its support. Discussing spiraling tensions between Ukraine and Russia, Mr Farage, 57, reiterated that Russia will not “invade” Ukraine.

The former UKIP leader has been of the view that Putin is trying to divide the West by his political moves.

Speaking to Dan Wootton, Mr Farage said: “I have always been of the view that Russia won’t invade Ukraine.

“I think this is a great big game of Chess Putin is playing.

“He is trying to divide the West and he is doing it amazingly effectively.”

The Prime Minister warned that by holding a gun to the head of the Ukrainian people, Vladimir Putin was trying to get the West to dismantle the new security architecture set up after the fall of the Berlin Wall.

Mr Johnson said the UK was trying to bring the West together, saying this crisis is about something bigger than Ukraine.

He said: “He [Putin] is trying to redraw the security map of Europe and to impose a new Yalta, new zones of influence.

“It would not just be Ukraine that was brought back into the Russian zone of influence.

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Mr Farage nodded in agreement and said: “Was Boris right to say ‘if you do this way then we will take action’- yes! Of course he was.

“We should of course discourage any military move into Ukraine. We say to Putin that NATO will not be joining Ukraine.

“We recognize the historical significance of the buffer state, after all, we invented Belgium to be a buffer state.

“We used to understand this stuff that costs us nothing but it will also now leave Putin to be the bad guy if he did anything if we made that gesture.

“That’s the kind of geopolitics game I would like to see Johnson play but he won’t do it because he is a part of the global establishment.”

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