GB News: Dan Wootton delights in Government’s Rwanda plan – 'Can't come soon enough'

The plan announced on Thursday by Boris Johnson and the Home Secretary Priti Patel has received widespread criticism, with comparisons drawn with Hitler sending Jews to Madagascar and politicians calling it “absolutely chilling”. Speaking on GB News, Mr Wootton expressed his “delight” in the Government’s offshore processing scheme, which he himself has been advocating for some time and previously warned “could cost Boris Johnson his job.”

He said: “I’m delighted to see he has taken the bold and humane approach announced today by the PM in Kent and the Home Secretary Priti Patel in Rwanda.”

The Prime Minister said in his announcement: “Uncontrolled immigration creates unmanageable demands on our NHS and on our welfare state.

“It over stretches our local schools, our housing and public transport and creates unsustainable pressure to build on precious green spaces.”

He added that it is not “fair for those seeking to come here legally, for others to bypass the system.”

In a scheme that is said to “save countless lives” Ms Patel added: “Those who pay the evil people smugglers get to the front of the queue while we have people that are left behind – women, children, families that actually need our help and support.”

Mr Wootton stated: “Those young men who spend their life savings and risk their very survival to line the pockets of people smugglers under this plan will no longer feel they have a guarantee of a life in the UK as long as they get out of French waters alive.”

The GB News host criticised the leader of the opposition Sir Keir Starmer for providing nothing but “meaningless” responses, as he advocated for a stronger partnership with France and streamlined Home Office applications.

The Labour leader expressed his opinion that the policy, which has been noted as potentially unlawful by lawyers, is a “desperate announcement” by Mr Johnson in order to “distract from his own lawbreaking”.

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It was closed by the Supreme Court in 2016, with Australia receiving a $70 million (£39.7 million) bill in compensation for those detained illegally.

Despite this, Mr Wootton argued: “The Rwanda plan should be the start of taking back control of our border, it can’t come soon enough.

“Those opposing the Rwanda plan will say they are compassionate and all for human rights but what the hell is respectful of one’s human rights or compassionate about allowing tens of thousands of poor souls to risk their lives across the Channel each year while encouraging a sick trade in human beings?”

Australia’s Greens senator Nick McKim labelled Australia’s offshore detention centre as a “humanitarian calamity at every level”.

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