GB News: Liz Truss backed by ex-Aussie Prime Minister Tony Abbott – 'Worthy successor!'

Speaking to GB News presenter Nigel Farage, Mr Abbott, who was a Liberal Prime Minster from 2013 to 2015, said he was confident Ms Truss was a “solid conservative”. Mr Abbott added that he felt Ms Truss could hold onto Mr Johnson’s “magnificent majority”.

The adviser to the UK’s Board of Trade also claimed Ms Truss could “build on” the opportunities that Brexit “should give”.

Mr Farage began by asking Mr Abbott if he thought Ms Truss was up to the job of being Prime Minister.

He said: “Sort of reflecting on what you just said it looks like Liz Truss if you believe what everyone says is going to be our new Prime Minister on September 5.

“You’ve known Liz Truss as you had an advisory role to us in building trade deals post-Brexit and all the rest of it. Is she up to it?”

Mr Abbott replied by suggesting Ms Truss had been “on a journey” from her youthful radicalism, which included calling for the abolition of the monarchy at the 1994 Liberal Democrat conference.

He added she would not hold these positions now.

The London-born Oxford University graduate also called the South West Norfolk MP a “fine Trade Minister”.

He said: “Look I think she is. She was a fine Trade Minister. 

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“But I certainly know Liz Truss and I am confident that she is a solid conservative who wants to get things done.

“She will be a worthy successor to Boris Johnson and has every chance of holding on to the magnificent majority that Boris Johnson built.

“And will do everything that’s needed to build on the opportunities that Brexit should give to global Britain.”

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