GB News: Stanley Johnson backs Truss in tense leadership race – ‘She stuck with Boris!’

The Prime Minister’s father said he was “obviously pleased” that Liz Truss made the point to say that she stuck with Boris Johnson to the end. Stanley was recently a guest on Dan Wootton’s GB News show alongside journalists Carole Malone and Benjamin Butterworth.

The political commentators analysed the recent BBC debate between Prime Minister candidates Liz Truss and Rishi Sunak.

The GB News host said that “lots of Boris loyalists” were now supporters of Liz Truss and quizzed Stanley if he was “backing the Truss train.”

Mr Johnson Sr said he gave her “a plus for trust” and said he was pleased that Truss mentioned that she was loyal to Boris Johnson “to the end.”

Mr Wootton then jokingly replied that “she didn’t throw him under the bus” to which the PM’s father laughed and said he was “just going to leave that aside”.

Mr Johnson said: “I will back Truss over Sunak. That is where I stand. But I think both of them did a fine job. Both of them would be fine Prime Ministers.”

Mr Johnson spoke about the policies, particularly both candidates’ views on Brexit.

He said: “Neither of them has forgotten about Brexit but they ought to forget about Brexit.”

“What they ought to be doing now is make the effort to really rebuild the relationship with Europe.

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Mr Johnson also criticised both candidates’ statements regarding China.

He said: “I worry that both candidates are bidding up that they’re tough on China. I worry about that. It doesn’t seem to be particularly realistic or sensible.

“We have to work with China on key issues. Both of them I think know it.”

He went on to say that he thinks both Liz Truss and Rishi Sunak need to have a wider appeal to all British voters, stating: “You see, we’ve got this dilemma. Here they are trying to win the Tory vote which means you have to express things a certain way.

“When it comes to policy for the country as a whole, you might want to be much more nuanced.

“I think the China issue is a very good example of that.”


Carole praised Liz Truss for her strength during the debate: “She is trying to come across as Margret Thatcher. I have to tell you, she looked a bit Thatcherite tonight. She was very strong.

“She wasn’t buckling at any point.”

The Dan Wootton Tonight show airs on GB News every weekday at 9pm.

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