GB News: Tempers flare over monkeypox 'hysteria' amid 57 UK cases – 'People want to know!'

The i senior reporter Mr Butterworth claimed that “people want to know” about what is going on with the disease and that it is sensible to take precautions and isolate if necessary.

However, Mr Wootton argued back that the mainstream media was stoking “hysteria” similarly to the way they did with the COVID-19 pandemic.

The host asked Mr Butterworth if he was “terrified” about monkeypox, to which he responded: “No I’m not terrified, but I tell you what, in a sophisticated modern democracy people want to know about these things, it’s in the interests of public health.

“If you look at what happened at the very start of the Covid pandemic in China, authorities and media there tried to hush up the reality of what it is.

“You sound remarkably like them, I’m going to have to call you Politburo Dan because you want to hide the truth from people who want public health!”

Mr Wootton hit back, claiming it was a “cover-up by the Chinese Communist government of a new virus”, in contrast to monkeypox which has been around for many years.

While Mr Butterworth agreed this virus was not new, he stated it was unusual for it to be in this country and in such relatively high numbers.

He continued: “I don’t think there’s any reason for us to be particularly nervous, but if someone had monkeypox I would want them to do the isolation period, I wouldn’t want to be anywhere near them, that seems sensible.

“I don’t know what problem you have with the fact that people are interested in this to take care of themselves and keep others safe. What’s wrong with that?”

The GB News host countered that his problem was actually with “the hysteria that is being stoked by the mainstream media and the World Health Organisation completely unnecessarily, and I predicted this”.

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He added: “The truth is it was the WHO and the Chinese government that tried to hide the start of Covid.

“We are better, this is the lesson to learn, we are better and safer when we discuss these kinds of viral diseases that come about and everyone would like to be aware of what to avoid.”

According to the BBC, the number of cases in the UK has now risen to 57.

Health experts continue to stress that the risk to the general public remains low and the spread can be contained.

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