George Galloway lays out bid to take down Royal Family: 'I'm determined!'

The Workers Party of Britain leader said on Thursday that he is committed to allow Britons to decide whether they want the Royal Family to maintain their position in our country’s future. In a post on Twitter, he wrote: “I am determined, in due course, to campaign for a referendum on the future of the monarchy.”

Mr Galloway, quoted in the Independent, has previously branded the monarch an “absurdity”, but said it is only a “small problem” now due to the great respect Britons have for the Queen.

He predicted, however, there would be a “swift rise” in republicanism across Britain when Price Charles becomes King.

His latest call for a referendum came in response to his reading of a book titled: “Tea with Hitler: The secret history of the Royal Family and the Third Reich.”

The book’s cover is adorned by abdicator Edward VIII and his wife, Wallis Simpson.

The couple’s relationship with the Nazi party is notoriously controversial, with a 1937 photo of the two smiling beside Adolf Hitler a noted blot on the Royal Family’s history.

Mr Galloway wrote of the 2021 book: “Just the introduction of this book – utterly damning – is enough to make your hair stand up on the back of your neck.”

Some commenters said it was unfair to bring the whole Royal Family into question over events that took place almost a century ago.

Ronnie wrote: “This book, like many others for and against the monarchy, is written with a political, historical slant.

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He said: “I will fight for a referendum in this country on the constitutional future of our country.

“That includes the monarchy, the House of Lords and the honours system.”

The last of these represents a particular gripe for Mr Galloway after Tony Blair (now Sir Tony) was given the highest possible ranking of knighthood in the New Year’s Honours list.

When the news was announced, the Workers Party of Britain leader tweeted the hashtag “JailBlair” over the former prime minister’s involvement in the Iraq War.

Mr Galloway insisted that if the Royal Family is to continue, Princess Anne, not Prince Charles, should be the next monarch.

She, he said, was the “best of the Royal Family by a long jot”.

He added: “I’d actually support Queen Anne – good Queen Anne – if they would change the rules of succession.

“I will not support, without a fight, the idea that Prince Charles will succeed Her Majesty the Queen.”

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