'Get on with the job!' Sunak's Brexit swipe at Rees-Mogg with 100 day plan to axe EU laws

Messsaging, Express.co.uk the Brexit Opportunities minister claimed that the former Chancellor had prevented him removing EU tax regulation.

He said: “We published a dashboard in June and the bill is being written except it exempts tax law at Rishi’s insistence.”

The former Chancellor announced his new policy in a Tweet this morning in a move designed to “keep Brexit safe”.

The slogan comes from fears that a Rejoiner alliance of Labour, the Lib Dems and SNP will try to reverse Brexit if they can win a majority collectively between them in a future election.

Mr Sunak believes that the only way to ensure they are stopped from trying to reverse Brexit is to get rid of EU rules and take the UK on an independent, more prosperous path.

Posting a video with an office worker using a shredder (above), he said: “I would task a new Brexit delivery department with reviewing all of the remaining EU laws on our statute book – with the first set of recommendations published within my first 100 days.”

The move comes amid claims by some supporters of Ms Truss that Mr Sunak is a “Brexiteer in name only” (BRINO), despite the fact he supported Leave in 2016 and she backed Remain.

Mr Sunak has regularly pointed out that he put his career at risk to support Leave and has not wavered in backing Britain being out of the EU.

And a source close to him said that while the policy announced looked like something that Mr Rees-Mogg had already been tasked to do, the Brexit Opportunities Minister had yet to achieve any deregulation.

The source noted: “What regulations has JRM scrapped or reviewed yet?

“Rishi has done the most in the Government in financial services in terms of reviewing and reforming EU regulations.”

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Mr Sunak told Express.co.uk: “In 2016 I took a big risk. I went with my heart and voted for Brexit. I did that because I believed that we could do things differently as a sovereign nation – taking back control of our borders and our waters as well as removing unnecessary regulations to free up our economy.

“Brexit was also about changing our mindset. It wasn’t just about what we couldn’t do, but about what we didn’t do. I felt that we would be able to create a brighter future and as Chancellor, I already began to deliver on that.

“Whether it is setting up freeports that are creating new jobs and opportunities across the country, removing and improving regulation of our financial services sector to help it thrive not just survive or cracking down on illegal immigration to stop the scourge of the small boats crisis.

“As Prime Minister, I will double down on capitalising on the benefits of Brexit. I backed it, believed in it and have delivered on it and Express readers can trust to keep on delivering.”

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