'Get over it!' Remoaners savaged by Brexiteer over 'nonsense' inflation claim

Journalist Isabel Oakeshott said there was a “creeping and depressingly predictable new narrative” blaming surging inflation on Brexit. But the talkTV international editor branded the claim “complete nonsense” as she urged Remoaners to “get over” the UK’s departure from the bloc.

Brexiteer Ms Oakeshott tweeted: “There’s a creeping and depressingly predictable new narrative that Brexit is to blame for soaring inflation.

“Dear Remoaners: nice try, but complete nonsense.

“Crisis has nothing to do with leaving the EU and everything to do with lockdowns/war/printing money. Get over it!”

It comes as inflation has hit a 40-year high amid the cost of living crisis.

Inflation rose to nine percent in the year to April, up from seven percent in March.

While energy bills are the driving force behind the jump, Britons are now being hit with price hikes across most essentials such as food and clothing.

Inflation was already on the rise after Covid hit global supply chains with a combination of pent-up demand and delays to shipping as factories across the world face lockdowns and worker absences.

But the Ukraine war has compounded the problem, sending the price of fuel and energy to record levels in recent months as the full impact of Russia’s invasion and the sanctions against President Vladimir Putin’s regime unfold.

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In a bid to cool rampant inflation, the Bank has raised interest rates to one percent.

But it has admitted it is largely helpless to prevent the price shock, as most of it is down to global commodity wholesale costs.

It is also facing a difficult balancing act between the need to bring inflation down to the two percent target while avoiding a full-blown recession.

Calls are growing for the Government to take urgent action on the cost of living crisis.

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