'Get up off your bum and shut curtains' Lorraine Kelly exasperated with Prince Andrew

Lorraine Kelly urged Prince Andrew to “get off your bum” after former Palace staff shed insight on his alleged conduct towards them. One maid claimed the Duke of York summoned her to his room to have her close the curtain despite him being already in the room. Daily Mirror’s Royal Editor Russell Myers told the TV presenter: “There really should be an inquiry about this, the Palace sort of swept it under the floor.

“We haven’t heard anything from the Duke of York’s people – no doubt they’re fighting many fires to do with his case in the US.

“There’s been another maid during the weekend talking about he would call her up to his bedroom when he was in his mid-30s and get her to close his curtains even if they’d been open just an inch and he was in the room.”

The comments had Lorraine Kelly erupting: “Get off your bum, for goodness sake, and just shut your curtains.”

Former Palace maid Charlotte Briggs claimed she was left in tears and hid behind curtains to avoid the “spoiled” Duke of York.

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Speaking to The Sun, Ms Briggs said: “There were two of us and we worked on a rota from 6.30am to 11.30am and then later on in the evening.

“We’d turn down his bed, remove his teddies, do the curtains, and lay out his pyjamas. But he was a bad apple and behaved like a spoiled brat.

“Really you weren’t actually meant to be seen, you’d just sneak in and do stuff.”

She continued: “But he was a bit lazy and he would call down from his office and say, ‘Can you send the maid to shut the curtains’.

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Prince Andrew has been in the spotlight in recent months over his fight against a civil lawsuit alleging he sexually abused Virginia Giuffre when she was 17.

The Duke of York has vehemently denied all claims Giuffre made against him but his attempts to have the lawsuit thrown out failed earlier this month.

The royal is now expected to see the case go to trial sometime in the autumn unless an out-of-court agreement is reached with his accuser.

The decision by Judge Lewis A. Kaplan was followed by an announcement from Buckingham Palace confirming Andrew had been stripped of all his honorary military titles and patronages.

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