Giant squid bombshell! Ultra-rare 10-foot beast washes up on beach ALIVE

The squid was found stranded at Ugu beach in Obama of Fukui Prefecture, at 10am local time Wednesday in what local authorities described as a rare sighting. The giant squid was found alive, Japanese newspaper Mainichi reported, citing Obama Municipal Government.

An official told the newspaper: “It is unusual for a giant squid to be washed ashore alive.”

The video of the massive squid showed the cephalopod swimming in shallow waters on the beach as two officials took measurements.

The squid would be transported to Echizen Matsushima Aquarium in the prefectural city of Sakai.

Squids of this length are deep sea-dwelling creatures.

A more elusive squid, measuring 24ft, was caught by scientists at Japan’s National Science Museum and brought to the surface in 2006, according to National Geographic.

The first images of that female squid were first taken in 2004.

According to Science Focus, the size of the largest well-preserved individual has been scientifically recorded to be measuring 39 to 40ft.

However, the sighting of these creatures is very unusual.

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Beachgoers in South Africa also had a rare encounter with an “astounding” giant squid when it randomly washed up on the sand in 2020.

Giant squid can grow up to 43ft long, and their terrifying size is thought to have inspired belief in the existence of the kraken, a mythological sea monster.

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