'Give them what they want': Expat workers are 'even better than family' for holidaymakers

Hotel Benidorm: Sun, Sea & Sangria explores why expats and British holidaymakers love this seaside destination in Spain, and see it as a home away from home.

A Liverpudlian mother-daughter duo, Yvonne and Marie, are celebrating Marie’s 85th birthday at the Rio Park Hotel.

They celebrated her 80th birthday there too, but what is it that makes Britons come back to Benidorm?

According to a blog called UK Airport Car Parks: “There seems to be something about Benidorm that drags people back time and time again.”

Whether Brits love splashing around at water parks such as Aqualandia, with its 15 fantastic water rides, or animal watching at Terra Natura zoo, there’s something for everyone.

Nelson, the food and beverage manager at the Rio Park Hotel, was born in France but has settled in Benidorm.

He has lived in four countries over his lifetime, but has a soft spot for sunny Spain.

Despite his hectic schedule, “When you love your job, you don’t get tired.”

Hotel Loyalty and Community Manager manager Carron is from Germany but has lived in Benidorm for a whopping 20 years.

She stated: “I’m lucky, and I know I’m lucky, to have a job that I like doing, to work with nice people, and to work in Benidorm.”

While guests such as Yvonne and Marie make an effort to converse with staff in broken Spanish, most staff are proficient in English, providing a sense of security and comfort for Brits.

This is why so many Britons in Benidorm see the destination as a home away from home – with some added sunshine.

Indeed, boasting “one of the best climates in Europe”, with “crystal clear seas and sizzling sunshine”, the resort is an absolute paradise.

It seems almost impossible for Brits to feel uncomfortable in the “balmy” oasis of Benidorm.

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The nightlife is extremely versatile, with British expats and holidaymakers alike able to enjoy classic Queen and Elvis tribute acts.

The food is also perfect for picky Britons; the Rio Park Hotel offers full English breakfasts, complete with sausages, eggs and black pudding.

Nelson summed up why Britons flock to Benidorm for holidays, and even why they pack up their lives and relocate permanently.

As well as the “amazing people”, Nelson stated: “We give them what they want.”

They get their home comforts, but with a twist; Nelson described it as “Little Britain with a nice beach and nice weather”.

It is the expat workers who “lay on the works for us Brits”.

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