Gogglebox’s Jenny breaks down in tears over emotional Peaky Blinders moment

WARNING: The following article contains spoilers from the Peaky Blinders season six finale.

On Friday’s Gogglebox, best friends Jenny Newby and Lee Riley settled in to watch Tommy Shelby (played by Cillian Murphy) and his Birmingham posse in the smash-hit gangster drama Peaky Blinders, which aired its final instalment on Sunday, April 3. The 80-minute long special, called Lock and Key, was shown to the Channel 4 breakout stars who were eager to find out what would happen to the troubled Tommy. However, it was only until the show’s final moments that Jenny burst out into tears, leaving co-star Lee gobsmacked by her unusual reaction to the episode.

Viewers saw Tommy planning to end his life following the devastating news he was suffering from Tuberculoma. 

However, a huge bombshell was dropped when the Brummy mobster discovered the doctor who had diagnosed him with the illness was a conman and close ally of Sir Oswald Mosley (Sam Claflin), one of Tommy’s enemies.

In the final scene, Tommy’s caravan was burned to the ground with his possessions going up in flames in front of him, prompting Jenny to reflect on the sombre moment. 

She told Lee: “I think the worst thing was that all the things in his van were all that he had. 

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“In the end, Lee,” Jenny’s voice began to break when she said: “That’s all that he had.”

She cried: “Just a few nicknacks,” as Lee turned to his friend with raised eyebrows. 

Jenny continued to stare ahead with tears in her eyes as she muttered: “Poor little b******.”

However, her pal was quick to remind her it was just a show, exclaiming: “It’s Peaky Blinders!” 

Meanwhile, fans on social media were delighted to see their favourite duo making good entertainment on Friday night with some suggesting they have their own TV show. 

On Twitter, @sulley_sonia joked: “Jenny does make me laugh, crying at peaky blinders #Gogglebox,” along with a crying laughing emoji.

@Rach_Mou echoed: “@Channel4 #gogglebox Jenny & Lee crack me up!! Should have their own show “poor little b*****” “it’s Peaky Blinders”.” (sic)

@mikrogalaxies weighed in: “Not Jenny crying because Tommy Shelby’s caravan got burnt and Lee going “it’s Peaky Blinders” #Gogglebox.”

Another, @gracie_lou100, wrote: “Aw Jenny at the end there crying at peaky blinders is brilliant with Lee giving her a look. 

“They are the best #PEAKYBLINDERS #Gogglebox,” they added.

The Gogglebox breakout stars have been on Channel 4 screens for eight years and viewers watch the pair as they commentate on some of the best and wackiest TV shows from Lee’s caravan in Hull. 

The duo did live together temporarily during the first lockdown in spring 2020, just to ensure they could continue filming while Lee’s partner Steve was in Cyprus.


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