‘Gone too soon’ Rock and Roll legend Suzie Quatro pays tribute to Meat Loaf after death

“He was what I call a rock and roll entertainer, wow, what a legacy, he was a nice man, that’s the whole thing a nice, nice man and yeah, it’s sad.”

Ben said: “Suzie, as you said, an actor, an entertainer and a musician, and you’ll know this it’s very hard to be good at all of those things, isn’t it?”

Suzie agreed and revealed: “It is and I kind of have an infinity with Meat Loaf because I am a rock and roll entertainer myself, I’ve also done film and West End, so I know the area he’s coming from.

“It’s bringing the rock and roll to the stage in all its glory but being an entertainer with it, not just putting your head down, and he really managed to entertain and if you do that, your winning on every count.”

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