'Great buy': Mum shares £1 hack to eradicate damp in the home for up to 4 months at a time

At this time of year, most homeowners in the UK will notice condensation appearing on windows or walls. This damp can cause damage to the home and even spawn mould.

Living in damp conditions, with lots of moisture in the air, can also damage the lungs and exacerbate moisture. If mould forms this can become even more dangerous.

Thankfully, this mum has discovered a very clever way to keep condensation at bay, and it’s very cheap. She explained: “We were experiencing condensation and damp on our windows every day, as you can see. It was on the windows, and it was also on the walls as well.

“We were just really conscious about the kids and asthma and stuff, so I had a look on Amazon and found these interior dehumidifiers. They were five for about £7 or one for £1 from the Poundshop.”

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What causes condensation?

Condensation is common in homes during the winter because of the weather. Then the air is cool outside and warm inside, it causes water to form. But temperature isn’t the only culprit. Extra moisture in the air can also cause the issue, and homes are moist in winter for a number of reasons.

Drying wet clothes inside cause moisture to release into the air, making your home damp. Even breathing in your home – considered a non-negotiable by most – causes moisture in the air. Luckily, there are ways to tackle it. One dad detailed a “game changer” hack to eradicate “damp and condensation”. 

His home’s humidity dropped from 80 percent to around 20 percent in the home thanks to him installing a Positive Input Ventilation (PIV) unit in his loft. Since, he claimed, “the mould never returned”.

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