Gwyneth Paltrow, 49, strips off for nude shower video to promote 'outrageous' Goop product

Gwyneth Paltrow, 49, has frequently been criticised for the controversial products sold on her Goop website, but she has since insisted she has no regrets about abandoning her acting career in favour of the site.

This week, she filmed herself nude in the shower as she massaged the brand’s Himalayan Salt Scalp Scrub shampoo, combined with a GoopGlow hair serum, into her blonde locks.

The former actress grinned as she lathered up the product and rubbed it into her hair.

Normally, the hair kit costs an eyebrow-raising $110 (£91), but it is currently on sale at $77 (£64).

Gwyneth’s most unusual products in the past have included a $75 candle, which she claims releases the scent of her vagina, a $10,000 24-carat gold dildo and, bizarrely, even vampire repellent sprays to eliminate “bad vibes”.

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