Hair loss cause: The dangerous ingredient in YOUR shampoo causing hair loss

MIT reactions in shampoo and condition are rare, but they do still happen.

Dr Lee said: “MIT is often present in shampoo and conditioner, but because these products are rinse-off, they are not in direct contact with the skin for very long, so serious scalp allergies are rare.

“It is not uncommon, however, for MIT containing products to cause irritation of mucous membranes such as the eyes, nose or mouth.”

If your body recognises MIT as a foreign substance, it makes specific (IgE) antibodies to the MIT allergen, at the site of skin contact.

Dr Lee explained: “In acute dermatitis, the skin look reds, swollen and often blistered, it can feel hot, itchy and burning and sometimes the blisters burst.

“If dermatitis becomes chronic, there may be recurrent bouts of dry, itchy skin, or soreness.

“MIT allergy has been reported to cause acute scalp dermatitis, acute eyelid dermatitis, and dermatitis of the face, neck and upper back.

“If it is used in the genital area, MIT may cause skin rashes on the genital area, buttocks and around the anus – including nappy rash in babies. Allergy to MIT is likely to be detectable by skin patch testing.”

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