‘Harry's job was to be Wills’ wing man’ Paul Burrell slams Sussexes podcasts and interview

Princess Diana’s former butler Paul Burrell joined Charlotte Hawkins and Adil Ray on Good Morning Britain on Wednesday to discuss the 25th anniversary of her death. As he reminisced about the Princess of Wales, Paul remarked she would be “devastated” by the rift between Prince Harry and William. He went on to slam Harry for “throwing his family under the bus” in podcasts and interviews.

Charlotte commented: “When we look at the situation now with William and Harry, how do you think she would be feeling Paul, with the fact the 25th anniversary of her death, they’re not spending it together?”

“She’d be devastated by what’s happening now, by this rift that’s growing between her two boys,” Paul replied.

“Those two boys she thought were joined at the hip for the rest of their lives.

“She felt that Harry’s job was to support his brother when he became King.

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“That was his role, to be William’s wing man, to always be there for him.”

Paul continued: “I’m sad, I want both boys to be happy, I love them both.

“But it’s sad that they’re not speaking to each other and it’s sad that they’re estranged from their family.

“I don’t want to see Harry pushing members of his family under the bus for a podcast or for a book or for anything really.

“But it was when Versace, her friend, he was murdered as we know and at that time, everybody thought it was some kind of assassination.

“That was the thought process at the time and then it turned out it was something slightly different.

“But yeah she was saying to me she was upset, she was visibly upset, she’d been crying a lot, when I bumped into her on the yacht.

“She asked me, rather earnestly, ‘Are they going to do that to me?’ And I was just a bit shocked at the whole scene at the time.

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