‘Hated it’: Cruise passenger slams ship cabin and issues warning – ‘Felt claustrophobic'

From luxurious suites to basic staterooms, cruise ships usually have a huge range of accommodation options. However, one passenger has slammed a type of cruise cabin.

When it comes to staterooms, passengers can usually choose between a cheaper interior cabin, a room with a window, or the more expensive cabin with a balcony.

One guest asked on Reddit: “Should I spend the money on a balcony room or get a cheaper inside room and save money to use elsewhere?”

A more experienced cruiser said: “Balcony if you can afford it! Very nice to have the option of going out of your room into outside private space during all those sea days.”

Passengers with balcony rooms will have their own private outdoor area to enjoy stunning views.

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Another guest added: “I hated the inside cabin. It felt claustrophobic. It was disorientating not having any natural light.

“I booked a balcony cabin for my third cruise. I’m looking forward to having a private space to sit outside and get some fresh air, away from crowds.

“For a long cruise, I’d absolutely get a balcony cabin, if you’re not on a tight budget.”

However, not every passenger hated interior cabins and some felt they had some benefits over a balcony.


However, one passenger disagreed saying: “People always comment on how dark inside cabins are, and how it’s great for sleeping.

“I cruised in an inside cabin a couple of weeks ago and I just didn’t find that to be the case.

“There was light coming from under and around the door to the hallway, and the blue buttons on the thermostat made quite a bit of light, and were reflected in the mirror, effectively making a third source of light.

“Maybe I’m just super sensitive, but I was kind of disappointed that it wasn’t as dark as everyone says.”

Another guest agreed saying: “The few times we had an inside cabin with a huge gap along the bottom of the door we asked for some extra towels, rolled them into cylinders, and put them at the base of the door.

“For the thermostat, controls, or other lights, we cover them up with a few pieces of paper taped to the wall.”

Despite the complaints one passenger said: “I had an inside cabin with no windows or anything and I really didn’t care at all.

“I only used the room to sleep, shower and go to the bathroom. That was really all I cared about.”

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