'Have a chat with Miliband!' Labour MP slammed over Rishi Sunak energy cap attack

And @alistair365 mocked Mr Perkins, saying: “What? Labour don’t agree with a tory proposal” who’d have thought it.”

Comedian Bethany Black said: “Ed Miliband’s energy price cap doesn’t seem so ridiculous now tho.”

And entrepreneur Grant Stanley commented: “The idea of an energy price cap was nuts when Miliband proposed it – Tories rightly ridiculed it.

“May brought it in, Johnson has kept it. Govt should encourage new entrants into the energy sector with tax incentives. #ScrapTheCap.”

Mr Sunak maintained that it would be “dishonest” and “wrong” to expect Britons not to adapt to price inflations taking the difficult times into account but said the package should relieve some of the pressure off their shoulders.

He said: “Without government intervention, the increase in the price cap would leave the average household having to find an extra £693,” he said.

“The actions I am announcing today, will provide to the vast majority of households, just over half of that amount – £350. In total, the government is going to help around 28 million households this year.”

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