'Have to be careful' BBC Breakfast's Sally Nugent admits she ignored Dan Walker's advice

Sally Nugent took over from Louise Minchin as one of the main presenters on BBC Breakfast at the end of last year. However, the star has admitted she didn’t follow in the footsteps of her co-presenter Dan Walker over one key piece of advice.

Sally and Dan helm the morning news show from Monday to Wednesday every week.

Now, the usually private Sally has opened up on her routine for the job.

The broadcaster shared what her day in her life generally looks like when presenting.

One key aspect is how she arranges her day after waking up so early for the show.

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However, Sally admits there is one part she finds she has to be “careful” about when presenting.

The journalist added: “You have to be really careful on breakfast shows that you don’t do the double breakfast. It’s notorious.”

Sally and Dan haven’t been appearing together on BBC Breakfast this past week.

This is because Dan took a holiday for half term.

The presenter flew to Rome with his family to spend some time enjoying the city.

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