Hawaii earthquake: Kīlauea volcano on amber alert as 4.7 mag quake hits – USGS 'monitors'

A light magnitude 4.7 earthquake was recorded off the island of Maui at 10:51am. It struck at around six miles off the coast, at a depth of 25 miles.  A map showing its location is posted on the HVO website.

The USGS has reported “weak to light shaking” on the island, but no damage to buildings or structures is expected.

According to HVO Scientist-in-Charge, Ken Hon, the earthquake had no immediate impact on Hawaii’s active volcanoes, but experts will continue to monitor them.

He said: “This earthquake was located off the coast of Maui at a depth indicative of oceanic plate bending due to the weight of the islands.

“This is a common source for earthquakes in this area and is not related to volcanic activity. 

“Webcams and other data streams show no impact on Mauna Loa or Kīlauea.”

But HVO said that aftershocks could be possible. 

Therefore, Kīlauea will remain on amber alert, Mauna Loa on yellow and Haleakalā on green “at this time”.

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