'He sucks!' US voters rate Joe Biden's first 100 days as US President in brutal slapdown

US voters have brutally assessed President Joe Biden’s first 100 days in office with some savage feedback on his performance. Speaking to Fox News, one voter said the President “sucks” while another said he “liked Trump better.” But others were more sympathetic to the President saying “he’s calmer”. The comments come as Mr Biden announced a $4 trillion infrastructure plan for America to pull the country out of covid and get millions of Americans into work.

Americans were asked by Fox News reporter Raymond Arroyo ‘if you had to rate Biden’s first 100 days on a scale of one to five being best, you would rate him what?’

One member of the public said: “Suck! It’s un-American, it’s absolutely un-American!”

Another angry American rated Biden “One” adding “because I like Trump better.”

While a third woman said: “Is that my only choice? One to five? Because my real answer is minus to the infinite degree!”

But others were more positive about Joe Biden and his record after 100 days in the White House.

One lady said: “An 80, because I think he’s come through on some issues that are important to the public.”

Another was also less critical saying “he’s (Biden) calm and he doesn’t lie” in reference to former US President Donald Trump.

While one man said: “I think he’s trying but I thunk his actions speak louder than his words.”

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The brutal response after 100 days in office comes as US President Joe Biden made yet another gaffe when he wrongly explained his own tax policy and accidentally made it one of the biggest tax breaks in American history.

President Joe Biden appeared at Tidewater Community College in Virginia as part of his promotion tour for his latest $1.8trillion investment into families, children, and education.

But the head of state added to his long list of blunders when he suggested he would not make anyone earning less than $400,000 pay “a single penny in tax”.

Critics and allies alike both mocked the President online praising him for his unintentional large tax break with Republican Senator Ted Cruz writing: [Democrats] accidentally calling for abolishing income tax for those making under 400k, I accept!”

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