Heat pump farce as £450m subsidy may fund homeowners already planning to ditch gas boilers

A £450million green subsidy scheme introduced to encourage Brits to bin gas boilers could end up filling the pockets of people who would have bought heat pumps anyway, the Government’s climate change advisors have warned. The scheme looks set to offer homeowners grants of up to £5,000 to cover the cost of installing low-carbon heat pumps or biomass boilers into their homes.

The three-year programme, which will launch in April, is only expected to help fund some 30,000 installations a year, according to the Telegraph.

The number installed without incentives in 2020 reportedly stood at 36,000.

April was already going to see gas bills for a typical household increase by up to £693-a-year.

But there are now concerns the Russian invasion of Ukraine could see bills rise even further.

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Rural homes could see an even starker hike due to their dependency on heating oil.

Heating oil increased from 66.74p per litre a fortnight ago to hit 128.65p per litre on Tuesday.

The increase means the average household using around 1,750 litres of heating oil per year will see their bills soar from £1,168 to £2,251.

The Government’s Climate Change Committee (CCC) said on Wednesday: “The extent to which these installations will boost sales, rather than fund people who would have bought a heat pump anyway, is unclear.”

But manufacturers hope the cost can be cut within the next couple of years.

The CCC warned the strategy “was not yet comprehensive or complete”.

They also claimed it failed to account for 18 percent of the necessary emissions reduction by 2035.

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