Heathrow Airport latest: Frantic travellers 'walk along M4 with suitcases' after incident

Travellers desperate to make their flights at Heathrow have resorted to walking down the M4 with their suitacses as a key tunnel for the airport is blocked. 

The Oxford Bus Company has confirmed via Twitter that a broken down bus in the Heathrow CBS Tunnel, leading to “heavy delays” for all airline servies in the area. 

Staff have been described as “as much use as a chocolate fire guard” in trying to handle the crisis, as some motorists report being stuck for two hours.

The tweet adds that delays of “around 30+ mins” are to be expected, although drivers in the area have told MyLondon that they ahve been stuck for over an hour and a half. 

One witness said: “People walking along hard shoulder with suitcases it’s lethal.”

A spokesperson for Heathrow Airport has confirmed that people were not being asked to walk along the busy roads but were doing it on their own initiative.

Susan and her husband David, who were meant to be on the long drive back to Durham, told MyLondon that they were stuck for two hours.

They said: “We tried to ring the number but that took us 40 minutes to get through. The young lady was as much use as a chocolate fire guard.

“She told us the payment barriers weren’t working. Her advice was to get out the car park but that’s what I was ringing about it.”

David continued: “It should be automated. Lack of staff, lack of communication. Normally we get the train but we were trying it out. We’ll never take the car again. Nor would we would use Heathrow.

“It cost us £77 to be held hostage for two hours.”

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