High hopes of US travel ban lift for Brits after UK border reopens to Americans

On Wednesday, Grant Shapps announced that the UK will drop travel restrictions for fully vaccinated travellers from the EU and US from 4am on August 2. When asked about US lifting restrictions like-for-like, the Transport Secretary said: “It will depend. We can only set the rules at our end, and that has always been the case.”

Mr Shapps added: “We’re saying: ‘You can come here, you can come visit, you can come see friends, you can come as a tourist if you’ve been double vaccinated and follow the rules without quarantine.’

“We can’t change that on the other side, but we do expect that in time they will release that executive order, which was actually signed by the previous president and bans inward travel.”

Currently, people travelling to the UK from amber list countries are required to quarantine for 10 days.

This includes taking a costly PCR test on the second and eighth day, with the option of “testing out” on day five with another test.

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Reports suggest that the US will think long and hard before making such a decision due to the surging Delta variant.

“Given where we are today … with the delta variant, we will maintain existing travel restrictions at this point for a few reasons,” Jen Psaki, White House press secretary, said at a press briefing on Monday.

“The more transmissible delta variant is spreading both here and around the world.

“Driven by the delta variant, cases are rising here at home, particularly among those who are unvaccinated and appear likely to continue in the weeks ahead.”

In the US, the Delta variant now accounts for 83 percent of all cases, with the death rate increasing by 20 percent from the week before.

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