Homes Under the Hammer buyer boosts property value by £63,000 despite going under budget

One of his sons is a painter/decorator, while the other is an electrician.

Max also planned to convert the property into a three-bedroom house, replace the windows with double glazing, install a new kitchen and bathroom, re-plaster the home and re-wire it.

He had a budget of £20,000 with a £5,000 contingency and planned to finish the job in four to six months.

Homes Under the Hammer revisited the property four months later to see Max’s progress.

The exterior of the building was given a facelift with a fresh lick of paint.

In the front garden, the weeds had all been cut back.

In the front room, all the gas fireplaces were gone.

The whole house had been completely replastered, painted and had new lighting and doors.

In that second reception room, the damp stains and soggy walls were fixed.

A complete new kitchen had also been fitted.

The downstairs bathroom boasted a new suite and a lovely bathtub.

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