Homes Under the Hammer buyers face structural nightmare before making £200k profit

One of the Darren’s said: “When we got all the architects and structural engineers, it was a lot more work than we imagined.

“We had to put 16, 17 steels in there, which went through a little window at the top. We had to get a crane in. It was very hard for getting it done, and a lot more work than what we expected to tell you the truth.”

The other Darren explained: “I thought we might have bought a bit of a lemon here, and, given it was our first joint project, I was fearing the worst at one point but fortunately we were able to work our way through those problems.”

Downstairs in the maisonette, the guys removed the former third bedroom and kitchen, and incorporated the space into a huge open-plan living room and kitchen.

The two other bedrooms remained the same in size, with a full re-plastering, new windows and a fresh carpet put in place as well as a fresh paint.

They even managed to fit a shower room en-suite in the bigger of the two.

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