Horror as mum bitten 25 times by dog – after she tried to save her other pet

Stephanie Jones, 32, was rushed to hospital following the attack which left her with a skin infection and missing chunks from her arm. She insists that not all of the breed are the same, and that her other American Bulldog is loving and playful with her three children. Ms Jones said the dog attacked her because of its upbringing – as she bought it from an unlicensed breeder.

The news comes amid a rise in fatal dog attacks in the UK, several of which have been attributed to American Bulldogs. Some have called for Bullys to be banned. It is not recognised by the Kennel Club as an official breed.

Ms Jones put a post on Snapchat asking if anyone knew of a Bully she could buy. She was put in touch with a breeder and says she paid £3000 for the 10-week-old puppy, named Chase.

Shye claims the breeder refused to show Chase’s living conditions or let her see the dog’s parents.

Ms Jones said: “He literally came out to me by the car, passed the puppy through the car window and promised to send all the paperwork in the post and I never received anything. I’ve learned my lesson.”

Later, she spoke to people who knew the dog breeder and discovered that he was unlicensed. She was told there were “crates upon crates in the house of just dogs locked away, used for breeding”.

Chase had a seizure and when Ms Jones sent a video of the episode to the breeder, he offered to “swap out the puppy for another puppy”, she claims.

After hearing more concerning rumours about the breeder, Ms Jones questioned him for outstanding paperwork and his licence to breed.

The breeder then left threatening messages on Ms Jones’ phone, she says.

Speaking to The Mirror, she said: “He sent me threatening voice calls and voicemails saying if I ever went to anyone about him that he knows where I live.”

Chase began showing signs of aggression and attacked the family’s Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, Lola, after which the two dogs were kept apart.

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Then, last August, Chase went after the other Bully, Cookie, who was about 18 months old at the time. Ms Jones’ young children, four, five and seven, were in the room.

Ms Jones intervened by grabbing the dog’s collar.

She said: “He went mad, he’s bitten me 25 times on my arms. He put me in hospital and I had both my arms flushed out then I caught cellulitis in hospital as well.”

Ms Jones said that Cookie was only trying to protect the children after people were “shocked” that she would keep a dog which is the same breed as chase.

She said: I genuinely think that when you have these dogs that aren’t wired right, it is down to breeding and how people bring them up.

“My thing is, I brought both dogs up the same way and if the whole breed is a danger surely my other one would have turned as well, but she didn’t.”

She added: “You can’t tar them all with the same brush.

“She’s literally my best friend. If I thought anything negative about this dog I wouldn’t have her round my children.

“If it’s anyone who should be against Bullies, it should be me after what he’s done to me. They are not all the same, 100 percent.”

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She said Cookie had come from a wonderful home which she had viewed and was given all of the dog’s paperwork.

Ms Jones claims she should have known better than to take a dog without the right documentation.

She said: “It’s just ridiculous when I look back. I was very stupid.

“I should have thought more into it. I thought it’s a lovely puppy and took it home.”

Bully’s were created by cross breeding Pit Bulls with other breeds and have become popular in the UK.

Pit Bulls, which are a fairly common breed in the United States, are banned in the UK under the Dangerous Dogs Act.

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