How Charles Leclerc can beat Max Verstappen to become new F1 world champion this year

To state it in simple terms, Verstappen only needs to take 155 points from the remaining nine races to mathematically confirm his second Drivers’ Championship. Six wins with a fastest lap in each would be enough to get him to that milestone, meaning Verstappen could be crowned champion for a second time if he wins with the fastest lap at the Japanese Grand Prix in Suzuka.

And given his current rate of victories, that looks to be more realistic than what Leclerc can manage. At present, Verstappen is averaging a staggering 19.8 points a race and his form would need to be altered drastically to bring Leclerc back into the equation. 

Of course, with the possibility of power failures, technical DNFs, crashes and even the unlikely event of Verstappen missing races if he catches Covid, anything is possible in the sport.

But it may be too difficult, even for a driver of Leclerc’s talents, to chisel away the points deficit that stands between himself and the reigning champion before the races run out.

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