How to make your own low-cost ‘weed killer recipe’ for driveways and paving stones

Spring has arrived, offering ample opportunity for flowers and plants to bloom in your garden. But alongside beautiful blooms, there is also the increased risk of weeds popping up.

Then, spritz onto the affected areas and leave to soak.

The high percentage of acetic acid in vinegar works to dehydrate the weed, which dries it up.

For best results, use vinegar with a high acetic acid percentage, somewhere between 10 and 20 percent is usually best.

Similarly, salt also works to dehydrate the plants and disrupt the internal water balance of the plant’s cells.

Unlike many shop-bought products, however, the homemade weed killer uses mostly organic ingredients – aside from the dish soap – and is a safer option for garden wildlife.

However, as one Reddit user pointed out, this solution is not necessarily a good idea for green areas.

Although the homemade weed killer works well on paved areas, it can destroy the ground in areas where you may want other plants or flowers to bloom.

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