How to overseed your lawn: Key steps to 'boost' your grass for summer – 'fresh canvas'

As summer nears, more and more time is spent in the garden, so keeping your lawn looking its best is key. After frost, heavy rain and general wear and tear often lawns can develop bare or brown patches and look unsightly. However, this can be fixed with one key technique – overseeding.

How to overseed your lawn

First, make sure your lawn is mown to approximately 25mm in length.

Next, moisten the soil – making sure there’s even coverage and the grass isn’t soaked.

You can then begin to sprinkle grass seed over your lawn, making sure to be as even as possible – focusing on any bare patches or thinner areas.

The Grass People recommend sprinkling at a rate of 35g per square metre, increasing to 50g per square metre for patchy areas.

Try not to let the seed sit on the soil’s surface, as this makes it easy prey for birds and squirrels.

After you’ve seeded your lawn, water it little and often.

The experts say watering every day “until your new grass is established” is key, especially if no rain is forecast.

Try and keep the lawn undisturbed for around two weeks, as this will allow new growth to flourish.

When you next mow your lawn, aim for around 50mm in length and take care when mowing over new growth.

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