How to plant the best summer containers – use polystyrene trick for maximum drainage

Containers are the perfect home for a variety of different plants and are great for putting on patios or balconies. Fruit and vegetables can also be grown in containers, providing the conditions are right. When I visited The Savill Garden, I was excited to find out exactly how to plant a container, and find out what colours work well with each other.

I purchased a terracotta plant pot to begin with because I wanted the container to be outside all year.

When it came to picking plants to put in the pot, I focused on what colours worked well with one another.

It was also important to pick plants based on where the pot would be placed in the garden, either in the sun or shade.

As I love colour, I went for four different plants in pink, purple, white and yellow.

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I decided to place the cosmos towards the back of the plant with the other tree surrounding the front of the pot as they were shorter.

It was quite tricky to get the plants out of their pots but we were taught to gently tease the roots.

To plant the cosmos, I made an indent in the soil, digging deeper until the base of the plant slotted in perfectly.

I followed this technique with the other three plants before topping the soil up to make sure they were well hidden.

Julie then recommended firming the compost around the plants.

When it came to watering, Julie recommended giving the pot water as soon as it had been planted.

The container also needs watering every day in hot weather, if not twice a day if possible as it is in the sun.

However, it is important not to water the petals or leaves surrounding the plant as they can scorch easily.

Plant containers need deadheading regularly to encourage more flowers to form.

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