Huge blow for Sturgeon as SNP loses one of the biggest councils after sex pest claims

Jordan Linden sensationally quit his role as leader of North Lanarkshire Council in July following allegations he groped a teenager. And now Ms Sturgeon’s SNP has been thrown out of power in the local authority after just 84 days following a crunch vote on Thursday, which was triggered by Mr Linden resigning over the sexual misconduct scandal.

The SNP administration was taken over by Labour with the support of the Tories.

Jim Logue has returned to his former post as leader, with Paul Kelly as deputy leader.

The SNP was reportedly warned Mr Linden, 27, was unfit for office back in 2017.

But he was allowed to stay in place and become the leader of North Lanarkshire – a £45,000 a year post.

Mr Linden quit last month when allegations came to light in the local Sunday Mail that he was accused of making unwanted sexual advances to a teenager male at a party in 2019.

The SNP failed to investigate the allegation at the time, despite being made aware.

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In further embarrassment for Ms Sturgeon, one of its councillors, Michael Coyle, defected to Labour just before the emergency meeting began and voted against the SNP.

Speaking following the result, Ms Carragher, now leader of the SNP, said: “Local people who voted in May’s election will understandably feel aggrieved at this, but my concern and the SNP group’s focus will be on ensuring the continued delivery of the best possible services in North Lanarkshire.”

New Labour leader of the council Mr Logue added: “It’s a privilege to be elected once more as leader and I am grateful to my colleagues for putting their trust in me.

“While I did not anticipate being in this position, it is clear that there is much to do quickly.

“I am determined to lead an administration which serves all the people of North Lanarkshire, and the most important part of that at this point is ensuring we are doing everything we can to mitigate the cost of living crisis for our residents.

“This is not something the council can solve alone, but it is essential we move fast to ensure all the policies we can bring to bear, and all council services, are aligned to support people wherever possible.

“In doing so, I aim to work with elected members across the whole council in a constructive way.“In doing so, I aim to work with elected members across the whole council in a constructive way.”

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