Hurricane Danielle: Storms blast UK as tempest swirls over Atlantic – Met Office map

A Met Office map shows the low pressure system violently swirling, but there has been little indication as to how that will dominate the forthcoming weather pattern this week. A yellow weather warning for thunderstorms is in place from 8pm today, covering large parts of the southeast, the majority of the southwest, parts of Wales, the north west and Belfast in Northern Ireland. This alert, which warns of damage to buildings, poor driving conditions and delays on public transport, will remain in place until at least 4am tomorrow. The forecaster took to social media on Saturday and said: “Hurricane Danielle and a large low pressure to the west of Ireland are clearly visible in this latest view from above.”

But this instantly prompted a stream of questions, many asking how this hurricane, which looks relatively close to Ireland, would make an impact.

The answer is, it’s unlikely to change any predicted rain, thunderstorms or gales – however – this doesn’t mean they should not be expected.

That’s according to Jim Dale, senior meteorologist at British Weather Services.

Speaking to he said: “It is standard slow moving low off Ireland.


“I am waiting on the details regarding rain and wind, but by then it will be a very ex-hurricane, which is an important difference.

“The likely impacts won’t be known for a few days yet but it should and probably will maintain the unsettled theme.”

Speaking about the thunderstorms set to wreak havoc overnight, the Met Office said: “Heavy showers and thunderstorms are expected to develop across southwest England on Sunday evening and move north across parts of Wales and Northern Ireland, clearing during the early hours of Monday morning.

“A separate area of thunderstorms is likely to develop across central southern England late evening, moving north into the Midlands overnight.

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She was categorised to category one over the North Atlantic by Friday morning, weakening throughout Saturday, before regaining her strength last night.

While her force weakens and strengthens, forecasters are predicting she will last until at least the middle of this coming week.

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