'I apologise' Kate Garraway backtracks after climate secretary slams 'disingenuous' claim

As the secretary appeared on Friday’s Good Morning Britain, he claimed the National Grid provides such guidance every year, which host Kate Garraway hit back at, calling the MP’s comments “disingenuous.” A disgruntled Graham Stuart scolded the ITV presenter for the remark and she quickly apologised, taking back the claim.

“It feels to many as though the Prime Minster, Liz Truss, has slightly changed her position,” Garraway began.

“During the hustings [she] absolutely, unequivocally ruled out any need for blackouts, yesterday, didn’t rule it out.

“So do you know what is likely? Because people are very worried.”

“The important thing is to look at the National Grid advice which they produced yesterday,” Stuart stated.

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“They do this for every single winter. And what they’ve said is that we have a strong and diverse energy supply, that we are, relative to our neighbours, in a pretty good position, but that the risks are higher this year in light of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine than they have been in previous years.

“And therefore, we as a responsible government and working with National Grid and Ofgem and others, look at al possible scenarios.”

He continued: “The important thing I would suggest to get over to your viewers is they have said it’s very unlikely.”


“It’s just your point where you say they do it every winter, that makes it seem like it’s made up, whereas actually when you look at it, it’s the first time that I’ve ever seen it in that way.”

“They do do it every winter,” Stuart snapped, adding: “Well, that’s down to you Kate, rather than them.”

As he explained the warning given, he retorted: “Nothing about that is disingenuous and I think it’s very important, especially when dealing with something this serious, that unless I do make a factual error which I doubt I was capable of, that you don’t accuse me of doing something which I haven’t done.”

“Absolutely,” Garraway commented. “And I do apologise, I only meant it on that specific point.”

“Thank you,” Stuart responded as the presenter continued: “I think what’s happened this morning is that people are waking up to something that feels very frightening.

“I’m old enough – I don’t know if you are – but I’m old enough to remember it and I remember it as a four or five-year-old as a rather cosy, lovely time.

“And we’ve had lots of comments from people this morning saying how they remember it as that, too.

“But of course, for hundreds of thousands of people, it’s very frightening.”

Good Morning Britain airs weekdays from 6am on ITV.

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