'I don't do weather!' Matt Tebbutt shuts down Charlie Stayt on BBC: 'Leave it to the pros'

The Saturday Kitchen chef didn’t hesitate in telling Charlie Stayt: “I don’t do the weather!” after the BBC Breakfast presenter passed the show over to him to discuss this week’s programme and the food he would be cooking. Matt Tebbutt told Charlie to “leave the weather to the professionals” as he moved the conversation along.

As usual on a Saturday, the BBC Breakfast hosts introduced Matt ahead of his show to briefly talk about what would be coming up.

It seems confusion arose as the presenters chatted about the weather before handing the airwaves over to Matt.

Naga remarked: “Now, don’t forget, Mike (Bushell) is at the Commonwealth Games this morning.”

She continued: “He’s been there for what, a week and a half-“

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“I don’t know,” Matt laughed. “I’m in here! Apparently, it’s nice outside, I wouldn’t know!

“Anyway, enough about the weather, let’s leave that to the professionals!”

The chef moved swiftly on and began to explain what viewers could look forward to in the upcoming show.

“My special guest today plays the iconic Superintendent Hastings in Line of Duty – I’m very excited about this – Adrian Dunbar!” he revealed.

The actor couldn’t be seen though, and Matt explained: “Now, we’ve let him have a bit of a lie in from catching bent coppers!

“So we’re going to find out about his food heaven and hell a little bit later on.

“For now, let’s find out what’s on the menu today… Sabrina (Ghayour) how are you?”

Sabrina went on to detail how she would be making a halloumi fatayer with flatbreads.

Matt talked about his other guests before passing back to Charlie and Naga.

He reminded viewers: “We’re on BBC Two this week, we’ll see you at 10!”

“The sun will be shining Matt, don’t forget!” Naga quipped.

BBC Breakfast airs daily from 6am on BBC One.

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