‘I was a wreck’ Claudia Winkleman relied on pals as she 'fell apart' over farewell at home

Strictly Come Dancing and BBC Radio 2 presenter Claudia Winkleman, 50, has credited her “girlfriends” for their support when she had to say goodbye to a beloved family member. The star admitted that despite wanting to stay strong, she broke down after leaving her eldest son Jake Thykier, 18, at university for the first time.

Claudia shares Jake, Arthur Thykier, 10, and Matilda Martha Thykier, 16, with her husband Kris Thykier.

Reflecting on the heartbreaking time while chatting to Lorraine Candy and Trish Halpin on the Postcards From Midlife Podcast, Claudia explained her close friends “held her up” after Jake left home.

The Strictly host said: “I remember my mum dropping me off at university and she could not stop crying, and I was like, ‘I won’t do that, I’ll be brave’. 

“And, of course, I fell apart, because they’re my life and I know I’m boring and I sound like a stuck record.

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“That is why girlfriends… lots of people expect girlfriends to land in our lap and everything will be easy peasy, and often it is.

“But I think the more effort we can make with our girls, like you would, you know, when you first meet a boy and you really fancy him and you’re like, ‘maybe I’m going to wear this top, or maybe I’m going to make Moussaka’.

“Me and my girls do that for each other, not that we make moussaka, ever!

“But we look after each other.”


She told The Sun: “Kris is very Danish in his ways.

“So it’s not up to me to make dinner, it’s not up to me to make lunch and it’s not up to him to take the kids outside to play catch.

“In 20 years of marriage he has not once asked me what’s for dinner. I married a feminist, my mother wouldn’t have let me not.”

Claudia continued: “He makes the bed better than me. He is tidier when it comes to the kid’s bath time.

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