Idaho murders: Police search for white Hyundai and address 'hoodie guy' reports

Police revealed they are searching for a white Hyundai in possible connection to the murder of four Idaho university students, who were brutally stabbed in their beds last month.

Over three weeks on from the grisly attack, the Moscow Police Department are yet to identify a suspect or motive in the mysterious case.

Officers released a statement on Wednesday, which said the vehicle was “in the immediate area” of the rental home on King Road in the early hours of the morning when the four students were murdered.

Kaylee Goncalves, 21, Madison Mogen, 21, Xana Kernodle, 20, and Ethan Chapin, 20, were killed at around 3am on November 13, after returning home from a night out.

Investigators said “tips and leads” from the public led them to look for additional information about the vehicle.

They said the occupant of the white vehicle could have “critical information to share regarding this case”, as they urged the public to come forward with information.

The car’s registration plate is unknown but asked anyone who knows someone with the same vehicle to forward information to their tip line.

Meanwhile, five separate vehicles that were parked outside the house were removed last week and taken to a city-owned car park to test for evidence.

So far, the force has received 2,645 emailed tips, 2,770 phone tips and 1,084 digital media submissions during the investigation.

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Theories have been swirling online since the mysterious case came to light, and on Wednesday, police addressed rumours about a “hoodie guy” who was spotted on CCTV footage outside a food truck with Kaylee and Madison on the night of their murder

The man has been cleared as a suspect but Kaylee’s dad, Steve Gonclaves, said he believes the man was ruled out too quickly, claiming the possible suspect had now left the country.

He told The Post: “Some people came to us and said that he’s out of the country. He didn’t take a DNA test.

“So we would like [police] to tell us what his alibi was,”, claiming he could move on if they could confirm it was “solid.”

When asked about the ‘hoodie guy’ rumours, Aaron Snell from Idaho State Police said investigators are “aware of the rumours”, but he did not confirm or deny them.

James Fry, the police chief of the Moscow department, said officers were at the off-campus apartment on Wednesday packing up the victims’ personal belongings.

“It’s time for us to get those things back that really mean something to those families and hopefully help with some of their healing,” he said.

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