Ignore the polls, give Truss time to prove she's right on tax cuts urges party chairman

Mr Berry, who gave his first interview as chairman to the Daily Express, said: “Polls go up, polls go down. Let’s wait and see.

“We haven’t had long enough yet to see the effect. Never in my life time have we had a situation where we have had a new Prime Minister with a new government and then quite correctly a period in which politics is paused.

“I think Britain has got a fresh start with a new Prime Minister.

“We have a new Prime Minister and a new King and I think that gives our nation a real opportunity to start afresh.”

He went on: “I think we need a fresh start. After the last few years of Brexit, covid, go back a bit Scottish referendum, it really felt to me we needed a moment to step back and have a fresh start for Britain.

“It is almost like we turned a new page.

“We closed very sadly the chapter on the Elizabethan era and opened a new one on the Carolinian one.

“This Conservative Party, this Conservative government with the British people is going to start that new chapter in our history.”

His comments come after the Techne UK tracker poll for Express.co.uk gave Labour a 20 point lead over the Conservatives – 47 percent to 27 percent.

Meanwhile, Yougov put Labour 33 points ahead on 54 percent to 21 percent.

It would mean that the Tories are facing a catastrophic election result if repeated when people go to the polls worse than the 179 majority Sir Tony Blair won for Labour in 1997.

The Techne poll also showed that 55 percent think Ms Truss does not represent working people and 56 percent thought she has cut taxes too much.

The poll results follow a dramatic fall in the pound and FTSE 100 in the wake of the mini Budget with £105 billion of tax cuts and a £150 billion scheme to cap energy bills.

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