Ignore the Remainers! Brexit Britain hailed by Ukrainians – as support for EU lags behind

As conflict rages in Eastern Europe, the UK has taken a frontline role in helping Ukraine defend itself from Russian aggression. Britain has helped train the Ukrainian military, provided scores of defensive and lethal weapons, and is the biggest donor of humanitarian aid.

Prime Minister Boris Johnson offered an extra £100million in aid earlier this week, taking the UK’s total offer of support to the current crisis to around £400million.

Britain’s support is not lost on residents of the war-torn country.

Polling from March 6-7 concludes Ukrainians have a more positive view of the uK than any other country or international body polled.

Britain had a net popularity of +56, compared to the EU’s +42.2, and the US’s +33.3.


NATO, which Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky has been highly critical of for not implementing a no-fly zone to deter Russian fighter jets, has a net popularity of -16.8.

The poll was conducted jointly by Cygnal, Gradus, and Response: AI, covering 3,674 people.

The Government has come under intense pressure at home for its response to the war in Ukraine.

It has been accused of being slow to act on sanctions and of not being generous enough in accepting refugees fleeing the danger in Kiyv and other embattled cities.

While Armed Forces Minister James Heappey admitted last night that the Government had got off to a “slow start” on accepting Ukrainians into the UK, criticisms of sanctions has been firmly rejected.

Europhiles and anti-Brexit campaigners have accused Britain of failing to introduce as though measures as introduced by Brussels.

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It has led to frictions between member states with different leaders having differing views on how to best tackle the crisis.

The newly released polling of suggests that Ukrainians thankful for Britain’s leading role outside the EU.

Last night Mr Johnson and Mr Zelensky spoke by phone.

The Prime Minister vowed the UK would continue to offer all the help could to the country.

“President Zelensky thanked the Prime Minister for the UK’s ongoing military support, alongside tough new sanctions to punish the Putin regime for its actions,” a Downing Street spokesperson said.

“The Prime Minister committed to further tighten these sanctions in order to impose the maximum economic cost on Russia.

“He outlined the work the UK is doing to provide the military equipment Ukraine needed to defend itself.”

The No10 official added: “The PM ended by reaffirming the UK’s unwavering support for the people of Ukraine and said that President Zelensky had earned the admiration and love of the British people.”

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