'In Putin's pocket!' Voters reveal fears an Indy Scotland could ally with Russia

According to the survey of 1,624 voters across the UK, 21 percent believe there’s a significant danger an independent Scotland would strike a military alliance with Russia or China.

The number increases when limited to Conservative voters with a third (33 percent) believing it is a realistic danger.

Concerns over SNP links with Russia have been heightened by their willingness to appear on state-sponsored Russian media including Sputnik and Russia Today.

Former SNP First Minister Alex Salmond, who left to form a rival independence party Alba, had his own show on Russia Today until he suspended it following criticism after the invasion of Ukraine.

Other senior members of the Scottish nationalists who have appeared on RT include controversial Glasgow Cathcart MSP James Dornan, SNP MP and defence spokesman Douglas Chapman, and Commons international trade committee chairman Angus MacNeil.

In November last year, Mr Wallace highlighted concerns that Vladimir Putin’s Russia in particular appeared to have an interest in Scottish independence.

During a briefing with Scottish journalists, Mr Wallace said: “I think what we’ve seen is Russia and other nations take an interest to magnify division in nationalist debates around Europe, including Scotland.

“I can’t talk about the here and now [for security reasons] but I could say there is an interest – and more than that.”

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In 2020, a report by the Parliamentary Intelligence and Security Committee said there was “credible open-source commentary” that Russia “undertook influence campaigns in relation to the Scottish independence referendum” in 2014.

Concerns have also been raised over the SNP’s aim to end Britain’s nuclear deterrent and remove it from Scottish soil at Faslane on the west cost.

But in recent years the SNP has also dropped its historic opposition to an independent Scotland joining Nato.

In 2012, Angus Robertson, now the Scottish Government’s minister for external affairs, and Mr MacNeil successfully brought a motion at the SNP conference to commit an independent Scotland to joining Nato.

In recent months as well, Ms Sturgeon has also condemned Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.


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