'Independence in EU! SNP claims 'we'll win' as Scots 'rise from UK ashes' of Brexit

Alyn Edward Smith, the MP for Sterling, said an independent Scotland would rejoin the EU to regain “the advantages, solidarity and stability taken from us by Brexit”. Claiming he spent the four years between the historic EU vote and the UK’s final departure from the bloc “fighting Brexit”, he said the recent two-year anniversary of the exit was a “grim day”.

Writing in the pro-Independence National newspaper, he added: “The damage of Brexit has for many been hidden in the fog of Covid, but clarity is in the post, especially as people start travelling again and are funnelled into the ‘rest of the world’ queue.

“Attitudes too across the EU to Scotland’s EU ambitions are light years more positive – for us – than they were before.

“Scotland could be the good news story out of the ashes of Brexit for an EU that could use a good news story right now.

“So we didn’t stop it, but I don’t see what we could have done that we didn’t.

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His comments came just days after Ms Sturgeon said that she was “determined” to hold another poll on independence by the end of next year.

Polls are currently on a knife-edge over which way a vote would go.

The Scottish First Minister refused to say when legislation paving the way for an IndyRef2 would be introduced at the Scottish Parliament.

However, she did hint that a timetable could be unveiled in the “coming weeks”.

Speaking to the BBC, she added: “The preparatory work is underway right now – but we haven’t decided on the date when we would seek to introduce the bill.

“What I have said, and I will happily say again, is that my intention is to take the steps that will facilitate a referendum happening before the end of 2023.

“That’s the proposition, that just short of a year ago, I fought an election on and was re-elected as First Minister.

“This is about democracy. It’s about allowing the people of Scotland to choose our own future.

“For goodness sake, when we look at everything that is happening – and has been happening for years now – at Westminster, the chaotic instability, the unpredictability, there are a growing number of people who think we could do better as an independent country.”

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