'Intricate murals' are 'having a moment' in British homes – here's how to try the trend

Changing the furniture in your home is one way to give a room an update but there’s nothing that a lick of paint can’t do for a more dramatic transformation. While neutral tones and clean, Scandinavian-style interiors have been a long-standing favourite for homeowners, experts have revealed that “modern maximalism” in the form of natural-world-inspired wall designs and murals are the trends to watch in 2023. No matter how daunting the idea of bold colours and intricate designs may be, they explained that both are easier to DIY on a budget than you may think.

Speaking exclusively to Express.co.uk, designer, Avalana Simpson from Avalana Design agreed that “murals are having a moment”, with “modern maximalism” designs coming to the forefront of British home interiors.

She said: “The homeowners’ outlook on walls has therefore shifted. Murals are unrivalled when it comes to adding something spectacular to your space, with intricate designs depicting scenes inspired by long-haul travel and fantasy realms noticeably more impactful compared to the traditional wallpaper repeat designs.

“Luxurious, cinematic mural designs which offer a depth of field and transport you elsewhere work beautifully to create a focal point in many areas of the home, whether that’s an inspirational dining space or luxe-hotel inspired bedroom.”

The experienced designer noted that “the more unique the better” is the rule to follow when thinking about how to recreate this trend, adding that nature-inspired designs full of botanicals, a quintessentially British landscape or Chinoiserie with ornate flowers and birds are all worth looking into.

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According to the experts at Checkatrade, the trend has even inspired Dulux’s “colour of the year”, with the “Wild Wonder” shade bringing the focus on deep blue and green shades.

While the natural-world-inspired design is unique in its intricacy and detail, it is still open to adaptation to suit different spaces. Louisa Swannell, head of creative design at Walls and Floors told Express.co.uk: “In a fast-paced lifestyle where we are surrounded by technology many of us crave a connection with nature, which isn’t surprising when it is proven to help reduce stress and be of benefit to our mental health.

“Colours such as warm creams, browns, greens and blues can all help add an air of calm to your home whilst being easy on the eye.”

Working with bold colours and detailed patterns may seem daunting if you’re not an experienced painter or home interior enthusiast, but it can be done if you break it into smaller tasks.

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Jo explained that in her house, she embodied the designs by adding some prints to her walls purchased from different locations that she had travelled to, as a means of reflecting on the memories.

She noted that images of the great outdoors add “relaxing elements” to help her unwind, while instantly brightening up the room. If you don’t have prints or images, Jo recommended painting canvases instead before committing to a wall.

The property expert said: “When you do have a go at painting make sure you’ve got a blank canvas to work with as any other reaming tones on your wall may change the way the colours look on your wall when you paint over it.

“I would also recommend practising on canvas and browsing at the type of design and inspiration you’re looking to do using stencils to help you outline it.”

Her suggestions included palm leaves, the moon, lions and any other eye-catching elements that embody the nature-themed trend.

While painting is the easiest way to create a mural in your home, keeping on trend with the maximalist theme can be done in other ways too – particularly if you’re keen on the nature-inspired wall designs

Lisa explained that while paint and wallpaper are just two ways to create a maximalist space in your home, bathroom and kitchen tiles can also embody the trend. 

She said: “Natural-themed wall tiles are a simple but effective way to add a nature-led design into your home whilst offering a practical wall covering solution at the same time.

“You can install the tiles as a whole feature wall or for a more subtle feel simply use them to create a splashback behind a basin or inside a shower.”

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