Iran's nuclear ambitions are severe 'cause for concern' internationally: 'No exception!'

Iranian expert of International TV, Dr Pupak Mohebali warned that Iran’s nuclear ambitions were concerning. While speaking to, Dr Mohebali insisted that any nation acquiring nuclear material was globally concerning. She outlined the pure destructive power of nuclear weapons and why nations would be cautious of this possibility.

However, she noted that it was unclear whether Iran had the knowledge on how to make nuclear weapons.

She added, politically, she admitted she did not believe Iran had goals of using nuclear destructive weapons.

Ms Mohebali said: “Yes their nuclear goals and ambitious is a cause for concern.

“That is the general answer.

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“Any countries nuclear ambitions or goals is a cause for concern and Iran is not an exception.

“Considering the disruptive power of the nuclear weapons they are a threat to humanity and they can cause wanton damage.”

Dr Mohebali clarified that while this was true, she was not under the impression that Iran had this intention.

She continued: “I don’t believe Iran has any intention of using nuclear weapons unless there is a real and tangible threat to them.

“However, if a cat gets backed into a corner, it may act as it wouldn’t have acted while free.”

Mr Alavi also reiterated that Tehran’s nuclear program is peaceful and has no intention to build nuclear weapons, however.

But he did add that this is how Iran would act under “normal circumstances.”

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